Do you include done-for-you sales pages in your packages?

We don't provide done-for-you sales pages or sales copy, except in a few products where you'll see it listed on our course sales page in the lead generation, promotion, or bonus materials.

However, here's a blog post where we outlined what to include in your course sales pages, along with a template to follow:


Also, you can pull the learning objectives from the 'Contents' file or directly from the Course Book to add to your sales page. There's a list of content in there too, so you can pick out what you'll offer in your sales page when it comes to that section.

You're welcome to take ideas from our sales page too, though you really need to gear it to your own audience and their biggest issue.

We feel very strongly that you should not be using the done-for-you sales pages that come in a lot of private label rights products. They're not proven to convert, are generic and not designed for your specific market, and they don't have your personal voice in them. Those are the things that make a sales page convert. Also, there are bound to be copies of that sales page out there, so you won't be able to rank for your keywords and people may get you confused with someone else.

Take the time to practice your own copywriting skills and use our template, or a proven one from a sales page tool, to create your own unique course sales page. It's one area where your time will always be well spent!


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