How do I remove the ‘Your Logo Here’ placeholder in my PowerPoint Slideshow?

The ‘Your Logo Here’ placeholder is included as an indicator of a great spot to place your own logo to rebrand the slideshow and make it your own. So that you won’t need to replace it on each and every slide, it’s been implanted into the Slide Master. Making changes to the Slide Master will then reflect on all slides, so you’ll only need to do them once.
To replace it, simply follow these steps:
1.    Navigate to ‘View’ and find ‘Master’ in the drop down menu
2.    From there, click ‘Slide Master’
3.    Navigate to the left hand slide overview pane, and select the first slide
4.    Click the ‘Your Logo Here’ placeholder on the slide itself in the main work area
5.    Delete it before replacing it with your own by selecting ‘Insert’ > ‘Picture’ > ‘Picture from File..’
If you come across any problems with this process let us know by dropping us an email at


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