What are all these files and folders in my download?

Some of our products have so much content in them that it can be confusing to know what you’re looking at when you download the files.  Here’s a quick description of the different folders you’ll see and what’s in them. Please note that not every product contains all these materials:

  • Participant/Student Materials – This folder contains the content you’ll give to your customers, learners or prospects. It’s what you’ll hand out in workshops, use to create self-study courses, or send as support material for webinars, list-building freebies and video training.

    Examples of participant or student materials are Course Books, Workbooks/Action Guides, Handouts, Infographics, Business Model Graphics, Checklists and Cheat Sheets, Resource Lists, and other worksheets.
  • Facilitator/Instructor Materials – You are the ‘facilitator’ of any training that you deliver, which means you facilitate people’s learning by guiding them through the Participant or Student Materials. The content you get in the Facilitator or Instructor Materials folder will help you do this.

    Examples of materials you’ll get to help deliver your content include Slides, Speaker Notes, a Facilitator or Implementation Guide with instructions, an Evaluation Form for getting feedback from learners, Follow-Up Emails for continuing to build a relationship with customers, Tips for Using Your Content, Top Ways to Implement Your Training, Research Sources for learning more about the topic of the course, and a Suggestion Curriculum of related courses.

  • Promotion/Lead Generation Materials – Many of our products contain some material to help you spread the word about the new content you’re offering. This will be included in the Promotion Materials or Lead Generation Materials folder. It ranges from a few tweets in our smaller packages to a full-blown product sales funnel in the largest ones.

    Examples of materials you’ll get for promotion include Opt-In Reports, Slide Shows, Cheat Sheets, Follow-Up Emails, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, Infographics, and even sales page copy in a few cases.

  • Tools & Resources – Some of our smaller products will have the Student Materials in their own folder with a name such as Course Book. Then the other materials will be in a folder called Tools & Resources.

Every product will also come with a document called Read First, which contains important information about what you can and can’t do with your content. There will also always be a document containing Tips for How to Use Your Content that steps you through a variety of suggestions for using and repurposing your brandable content. Be sure to read this for ideas that will spark your inspiration and imagination.


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